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Sins of Our Fathers: A Novel book

Sins of Our Fathers: A Novel. Shawn Lawrence Otto

Sins of Our Fathers: A Novel

ISBN: 9781571311184 | 368 pages | 10 Mb

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Sins of Our Fathers: A Novel Shawn Lawrence Otto
Publisher: Milkweed Editions

I thought this was an excellently written book. The almost constant action is mildly stressful because the plot is true to life and frightening. This story continues the journey from book 1. Am I just supposed to finish it however I want it to end? SUSPEND your disbelief and you won't be able to put this overblown family melodrama down. So, if I had read the first book, would I understand the ending to The Sins of theFather? As good as Cold Blue was, Sins of Our Fathers is better.   "Ah Hogenbach, a crumbling shithole of a kingdom situated in the arse end of nowhere. I listened to it as an audio and wanted to take it everywhere with me to continue listening to it. Seemed to leave a lot unanswered. Now I'll only read Grisham if I have time after I've finished Bell's latest book. Bell brings his people to life in a way few authors are able to achieve. The Danforth family returns in this sixth edition of the Danforth Saga. What does he have over Grisham. I originally wanted to call it Eichmann's Children, but the marketing department of my publishers were not enthusiastic. The author of "Sins of the Father" is a former trial lawyer, and does a fantastic job of weaving a courtroom drama that reminded me of a John Grisham novel without the grizzly details. In 1991 I published a novel with the title, The Sins of the Father . "Sins of theFathers" takes the reader on a tension-filled journey from a kidnapping of Michael and Robbie Danforth in Colorado, to America's worst terrorist-sponsored attacks, to Special Ops operations in Mexico, Greece, Turkey, and Syria. Extract from the histories of Hogenbach, written by the grand historian and self- proclaimed drunkard Gregor Meinzt. He somehow manages to give a character's entire compelling backstory in one succinct line.

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